Luxury and exclusivity

From technology and fashion to architecture and interior design, matte finishes have taken our visual world by storm, bringing with them a laid-back sense of luxury, exclusivity and a certain tactile factor.

Whether used as an accent or an all-over design statement, matte makes an impact across hospitality, commercial, office, and kitchen and bath environments. So, how can you incorporate matte finishes to add the perfect touch to your distinctive design?

Design customization is a top continuing trend, with architects and designers opting to provide a variety of choices for standout spaces. These selections come to life through custom floors, decorative surfaces and even appliances. We’re seeing matte black refrigerators with customizable white, gold and rose gold hardware accents popping up everywhere — from shared multifamily spaces to modern office kitchens.

Sleek architectural shapes and super-matte finishes combine to make the perfect design pair. Together, they really shine with the right lighting. With new shapes and energy-efficient styles emerging onto the scene, many forms of pendant lighting have transformed into true works of architectural art. Showcase the trend in spacious lobbies, contemporary restaurants and industrial coworking spaces.

Matt surfaces
PerfectSense Matt Black (U999 PM) elevates cabinetry finishes for a sleek, sophisticated look.
Matte and gloss surfaces

Matte is a trend with staying power, but some matte finishes come with a drawback — the pesky fingerprint marks left behind in high-traffic areas. That’s why, when it comes to accent walls, cabinetry or the countertops we touch each day, surface material choice can make all the difference. The PerfectSense Matt product range from EGGER effortlessly tackles this unsightly dilemma with a proprietary, fingerprint-resistant finish atop durable, premium lacquered boards (not to mention, it’s a much easier way to capture the matte black look than black paint, which can easily show imperfections).

Velvety smooth and matte finishes stand out in a sea of glossy interiors. In office or hospitality furniture, they invite you to take a seat and relax. Many of this year’s most highly anticipated hotels feature the aesthetic in common spaces, seating or surfaces. In fact, the PANTONE Color of the Year, Classic Blue, also suits a fresh matte finish.

Interested in how EGGER can bring your matte finishes to life? Reach out to us here.

Matt surfaces in EGGER Topmatt
Stand out from the crowd
Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Color-matching decor selections are only possible on the original sample.