EGGER's Primed Ultralight MDF Moulding is the perfect decorative element to enhance any room and convey a sense of style. The uniform and defect-free surface delivers an exceptionally smooth finish. Our Primed Ultralight MDF Moulding is remarkably easy to work with—it is also easier to handle and install compared to other standard-weight MDF mouldings. As a dimensionally stable engineered product, it won’t warp, split or twist.

MDF Mouldings

Ultralight MDF Moulding

Our Primed Ultralight MDF Moulding is double coated with an environmentally-friendly, white, water-based primer, which can be painted to suit any need. Our profiles are also offered in a pre-painted finish, allowing for faster and more cost-effective installations.

EGGER’s MDF mouldings are manufactured at our Argentina facility from environmentally-friendly, certified wood, including recycled wood materials. Our facilities offer responsive lead times to meet customers’ needs and wants.


  • Lightweight material for easier handling and fast installation
  • Durable, smooth finish that is ready to paint
  • Dimensionally stable, engineered wood product
  • Made from certified and recycled wood materials

Ultralight MDF Mouldings

Product Highlights

Our Primed Ultralight MDF Moulding offers uniform coating and consistency throughout the length of the piece. It has a smooth surface that is defect-free, without knots or raised grain.

Primed Ultralight MDF Moulding’s quality and uniformity simplifies finishing for a hassle-free installation.

Product Selection
With an extensive assortment of profile templates and an in-house engineering department, EGGER manufactures a wide variety of standard mouldings, boards and paneling profiles.

We also develop specific and customized products to fulfill unique project requirements and specifications, including custom lengths for reduced waste and easier handling, installation and transport.

Valuing Quality
Quality is a core value at EGGER. We are committed to continuous improvement through an independently certified management system.

With multiple-stage quality control checks built into our manufacturing processes, customers can rest assured our Ultralight MDF Moulding offers the highest quality available to meet their project needs.

Ultralight MDF Mouldings

Protecting Our Natural World

For EGGER, sustainability is more than a trend; it is a way of doing business. We take our responsibility for people and the environment seriously. This translates to sourcing timber from sustainable forestry, use of recycled materials and responsible manufacturing processes.

Sustainable Sourcing & Recycled Material
Our manufacturing facilities are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® for sustainable forestry. Our MDF mouldings are also SCS certified to contain a minimum of 80% Pre-Consumer Recycled Wood Content (dry weight basis).

Water-based Finish
Our Primed Ultralight MDF Moulding is double coated with environmentally-friendly, water-based primer. Water-based primers have limited emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) versus oil-based primers, making them a better choice for air quality.

Renewable Energy
Wood waste and recycled wood that is no longer suitable for upgrading is transformed into environmentally-friendly energy and heat through EGGER biomass power plants, reducing CO2 emissions compared to burning oil.

Sustainability matters at EGGER

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Key Account Manager, MDF Mouldings
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Note: All decors shown and mentioned are reproductions. Color-matching decor selections are only possible on the original sample.