Investment Description

The EGGER global footprint is already significant and continues to grow. The Lexington, North Carolina, facility in Davidson County is the company’s first manufacturing plant in the U.S. This state-of-the-art particleboard manufacturing facility was created with the best available technology. EGGER’s 20 other facilities are primarily located in Europe (Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey) with an additional production site in Argentina, which was acquired in 2017. The company’s U.S. sales office is located in Lexington, North Carolina.

Lexington, North Carolina is a key location for EGGER as the company works to replicate its European success with American companies. Production began in late 2020. The U.S. sales office, administrative offices, the EGGER Design Center and an apprenticeship training center are also part of the facility.

Why Lexington, North Carolina?

We are well aware of the history of the furniture industry in North Carolina, and want to contribute to the revitalization of the industry in the state. North Carolina’s historical prominence as a furniture-making hub, the wood-material supply and the availability of a skilled labor force are excellent advantages for EGGER’s first entry into the U.S. market.

Lexington, a part of Davidson County, is the heart of the furniture industry, and we are looking forward to leveraging the skills and knowledge of the workforce here to create a workplace that the local community and state will be proud of. The North Carolina production facility has allowed EGGER to tap into the market and become a significant player in the growing U.S. demand for wood-based materials. EGGER’s goal is to replicate its strong market position in Europe and become the leading brand for wood-based solutions in North America.

Environmental Sustainability Standards

Sustainable forestry and environmentally friendly production are key concerns for EGGER. We stand for using sustainable forestry methods and raw material wood responsibly. As a wood products company, it is in our best interest to promote the continued use of our forests and to maintain the health of those areas. We are committed to keeping forest land healthy and productive for years to come.

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