PerfectSense Topmatt

PerfectSense Topmatt

PerfectSense Topmatt

Topmatt is the latest addition to the PerfectSense range.
PerfectSense Topmatt (PT) Laminates are ideal for applications where a combination of matte design and durability are required. These hard-wearing lacquered surfaces offer a satiny-soft matte finish with impressive resistance to fingerprints, abrasion, impact and micro-scratches. PerfectSense Topmatt Laminates are hard-wearing and suitable for horizontal surfaces such as countertops, tables or shelves, as well as for high-use vertical applications, such as cabinet doors.

PerfectSense Topmatt


•  Tabletops and desktops

•  Doors

•  Shelves

•  Countertops

•  Cabinet doors

Laminate PerfectSense Topmatt


•  Matte, satiny-soft surface

•  Fingerprint resistant

•  Hard wearing, with resistance to abrasion, impact and scratches

•  Ideal for surfaces in high-traffic areas

PerfectSense Topmatt Structure

Product Structure

PerfectSense Topmatt Laminates are based on curable resins. The top layer is lacquered using a special process and cured using electron beams.

Because of its incredibly robust surface, our PerfectSense Topmatt Laminates also provide high resistance to most chemicals.

Note: All shown decors are reproductions.