Design Flooring GreenTec - Naturally a good choice

Opt for our natural Design flooring without PVC

Design Flooring GreenTec meets all of your expectations

EGGER's high-quality Design Flooring GreenTec scores points not only with its modern flooring colors but also with its extraordinary properties. Compared to classic laminate flooring our trendy Design Flooring GreenTec is much more robust.

This innovative flooring is suitable for all areas with intensive usage, both commercial and residential. Design Flooring GreenTec is moisture resistant so it can be installed in bathrooms. With a material thickness of only 7.5 mm, our modern flooring is ideal for renovations.

Sustainability indicators

For more information on our sustainability indicators please visit our ECO Facts page.

The benefits of Design Flooring GreenTec:

  • Robust and resistant to micro scratches - ideal for heavy duty areas
  • Self-repairing surface keeps floors looking their best
  • Wood-based flooring without PVC
  • Moisture resistant - ideal for areas that may become wet
  • Slim boards are easy to handle and ideal for underfloor heating
  • Easy to install thanks to our patented CLIC it! system
  • Can be glued or floated for installation

Design Flooring GreenTec impresses in all areas

Whether at home or in commercial areas: EGGER Design Flooring GreenTec is the ideal solution for high-traffic areas, because it is particularly robust and resilient. Furthermore our wood and tile effects captivate with outstanding authenticity.

With Design Flooring GreenTec you can produce a seamless flooring design in all areas, including the bathroom. This flooring is highly stable and moisture-resistant. Even large temperature fluctuations are unable to affect this modern floor covering.



Durable and Micro-scratch resistant

Water Resistant

Water resistant for up to 72 hours


Sustainably Produced
Thanks to its innovative wear layer, our Design Flooring GreenTec is durable and easy to care for, and resists stains and micro-scratches. Use class 33 means this flooring is suitable for even the most demanding environments, including commercial use.
Our Design Flooring GreenTec is water resistant for up to 72 hours, thanks to a special product structure with waterproof surface, the GreenTec board as a coreboard, and the form-fitting CLIC it! installation system.
In contrast to conventional vinyl floors, our Design Flooring GreenTec is free of PVC. The wood is sourced from sustainable forestry. The integrated sound barrier mat is made of cork.

Design Flooring GreenTec goes well in any space

With our Design Flooring GreenTec you can combine residential comfort and functionality in the most beautiful way, for a pleasant and natural feeling without vinyl. The hard-wearing, water-resistant and stain-resistant surface withstands the stresses and strains of everyday life, while the integrated cork underlay absorbs impact sounds.

Thanks to the water-resistant, wood-based coreboard--the GreenTec board--our Design Flooring is also suitable for bathrooms and commercial spaces. The exterior beauty matches the quality internal composition of the board. The authentic wood or stone decors make our Design Flooring GreenTec a natural eye-catcher in every room.


All shown decors are reproductions.