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Our flooring fits in any space and meets all requirements

We have the right flooring for each flooring utility class

There is a wide range of flooring to choose from, which does not always make it easy to find the right one. Every room therefore has special requirements and spaces are used in very different ways.

Floors are therefore exposed to different levels of stress and the standardised flooring utility classes provide information about what level of stress and which type of flooring is suitable.

Are you looking for a laminate suitable for wet areas? EGGER flooring with Aqua+ technology is our moisture-resistant laminate suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

Our tips for selecting the right flooring

  • Flooring for kitchens and damp areas

    We have suitable flooring for bathrooms and wet areas.
  • Flooring for kitchens and damp areas

    Design flooring and Aqua+ laminate for damp areas are particularly moisture-resistant.
  • Flooring for kitchens and damp areas

    Use our Aqua+ laminate for kitchens and other wet areas.

The Aqua+ technology makes our laminate flooring moisture-resistant. That is why EGGER Laminate with Aqua+ technology is suitable for kitchens, bathrooms or entrance areas. If using in wet areas the flooring must be designated as moisture-resistant.

  • Flooring for living rooms and dining rooms

    A laminate living room comes in all designs and styles!
  • Flooring for living rooms and dining rooms

    A living room cork floor is particularly warm and cosy.
  • Flooring for living rooms and dining rooms

    Opt for a living room Design floor with SelfRepair effect!
The living and dining area in a house is a popular meeting place for the whole family. The flooring here must be particularly robust and easy to clean. All our flooring is suitable for this application area and is easy-care.


All shown decors are reproductions.

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