Timberpak's 14th worldwide facility is in Charlotte, North Carolina

Timberpak North America
Post-Consumer Recycled Wood For Particleboard Production

Located on Cottonwood Street off I-85 in central Charlotte, Timberpak will accept construction and demolition waste wood, in addition to packaging waste—primarily used and broken pallets—from distribution centers for industrial manufacturing. This Timberpak location will supply raw materials for wood recycling operations at the EGGER Lexington plant, providing an additional source of wood for particleboard production.

Timberpak supports the EGGER Group's environmental policy of managing waste in a sustainable way, optimizing recycling and re-use as well as limiting production. For over 20 years Timberpak has sourced recycled wood for EGGER in the United Kingdom, Romania, France, Germany and Poland. In 2023 this Charlotte facility is ready to serve the United States.

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1801 Cottonwood St
Charlotte, NC 28206

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