With its climate-friendly products, the family company would like to contribute towards protecting and preserving the future.

The EGGER Group is taking a pioneering step in terms of climate protection. The wood-based material manufacturer commits to the Net Zero target by 2050. On its way to reaching this goal, EGGER is setting itself ambitious climate targets and developing comprehensive measures to drastically reduce climate-impacting greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain.

EGGER is taking a big step in climate protection.

“As a wood-based material manufacturer, our business model has always been linked to environmental and climate protection. We therefore see it as our duty to reduce our climate-impacting emissions. In this way, we want to ensure that we can also enable future generations to live and work sustainably with our climate-friendly wood-based materials“ , says Thomas Leissing, CFO & Speaker of the Group Management.

This self-perception gives rise to an explicit ambition to make a significant contribution towards protecting and preserving the future. EGGER has established an ambitious, forward-looking climate strategy to reduce the Group-wide carbon footprint.

Commitment to Net Zero by 2050

EGGER is committed to reducing its climate-impacting greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. EGGER is committed to the Net Zero target by 2050.

The Net Zero target means that emissions must be removed from the atmosphere at the same rate as they are produced. EGGER has developed acomprehensive Group-wide approach to steadily reduce its climate-impacting emissions to Net Zero by 2050.

A way in stages

It will be challenging to make the Net Zero 2050 target a reality. EGGER has set itself milestones and interim targets along the way. Find more details on our climate strategy .